Morocco National Anthem Lyrics

The Morocco national anthem, “Hymne Chérifien” (Cherifian Anthem), celebrates the unity and heritage of the Moroccan nation. Below are the original lyrics in Arabic and their English translation.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Hymne Chérifien (Cherifian Anthem)
  • Written Date: 1956
  • Lyricist: Ali Squalli Houssaini
  • Composer: Léo Morgan
  • Official Adoption Date: 1956

Original Lyrics in Arabic

منبت الأحرار
مشرق الأنوار
منتدى السؤدد وحماه
دمت منتداه وحماه
عشت في الأوطان
للعلى عنوان
ملء كل جنان
ذكرى كل لسان
هب فتاك
لبى نداك
في فمي وفي دمي
هواك ثار نور ونار
إخوتي هيا
للعلا سعيا
نشهد الدنيا
أن هنا نحيا
الله الوطن الملك

English Translation of the Lyrics

Here is the Morocco national anthem English version. “Hymne Chérifien” reflects the pride and unity of Morocco. Below is the English translation of the lyrics.

Fountain of Freedom,
Source of Light,
Forum of Glory and its Protector,
May you continue as its forum and protector.
You have lived among nations
With a title sublime,
Filling every garden,
Sung by every tongue.
With spirit,
With body,
Your hero has risen
To answer your call.
In my mouth and in my blood,
Your love stirred as light and fire.
Let’s go brothers!
Towards what is higher,
We testify to the world
That we here live
With the motto:
God, the Homeland, the King.

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