Monaco National Anthem Lyrics

The Monaco national anthem, “Hymne Monégasque” (Monégasque Anthem), celebrates the unity and heritage of the Monégasque nation. Below are the original lyrics in French and their English translation.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Hymne Monégasque (Monégasque Anthem)
  • Written Date: 1841
  • Lyricist: Louis Notari
  • Composer: Charles Albrecht
  • Official Adoption Date: 1848

Original Lyrics in French

Des que Dieu a fait la France
Et qu’il aima le Portugal,
De ce temps-là, il fit la chance
Qui fit Monaco triomphal.
Rendez-lui grâce, grande Princesse,
Et serrez-lui la main.

English Translation of the Lyrics

Our language is a treasure
Buried deep in the earth,
A chain of precious stones
Spread all over our land.

Our language is the fire that burns
In a people awakened from the sleep of death
Like the hero from a fairy tale.

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