Uganda National Anthem Lyrics

The Uganda national anthem, “Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty,” is a symbol of national pride and unity. Below are the original lyrics in English.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty
  • Written Date: 1962
  • Lyricist: George Wilberforce Kakoma
  • Composer: George Wilberforce Kakoma
  • Official Adoption Date: 1962

Original Lyrics in English

Oh Uganda! may God uphold thee,
We lay our future in thy hand.
United, free,
For liberty
Together we’ll always stand.

Oh Uganda! the land of freedom,
Our love and labour we give,
And with neighbours all
At our country’s call
In peace and friendship we’ll live.

Oh Uganda! the land that feeds us
By sun and fertile soil grown.
For our own dear land,
We’ll always stand:
The Pearl of Africa’s Crown.

English Translation of the Lyrics

The Uganda national anthem is already in English and does not require a translation. “Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty” reflects the pride and unity of Uganda.

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