Angola National Anthem Lyrics

The Angola national anthem, “Angola Avante” (Forward Angola), celebrates the pride and unity of the Angolan nation. Below are the original lyrics in Portuguese and their English translation. Additional Information Original Lyrics in Portuguese Ó Pátria, nunca mais esqueceremosOs heróis do quatro de Fevereiro.Ó Pátria, nós saudamos os teus filhosTombados pela nossa Independência.Honramos o passado…

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Angola Flag and national anthem

Angola Avante: National Anthem of Pride and Unity

Introduction The Angola National Anthem, also known as “Angola Avante” or “Forward Angola,” is a powerful and patriotic composition that represents the rich history, culture, and aspirations of the Angolan people. With its inspiring lyrics, historical significance, and contemporary relevance, the national anthem holds a special place in the hearts of Angolans. Lyrics “Angola Avante”…

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