Panama National Anthem Lyrics

The Panama national anthem, “Himno Istmeño,” is a symbol of national pride and unity. Below are the original lyrics in Spanish.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Himno Istmeño
  • Written Date: 1903
  • Lyricist: Jeronimo de la Ossa
  • Composer: Santos A. Jorge
  • Official Adoption Date: 1906

Original Lyrics in Spanish

Alcanzamos por fin la victoria
En el campo feliz de la unión;
Con ardientes fulgores de gloria
Se ilumina la nueva nación.

Es preciso cubrir con un velo
Del pasado el calvario y la cruz;
Y que adorne el azul de tu cielo
De concordia la espléndida luz.

El progreso acaricia tus lares.
Al compás de sublime canción
Ves rugir a tus pies ambos mares
Que dan rumbo a tu noble misión.

En tu suelo cubierto de flores,
A los besos del tibio terral,
Terminaron guerreros fragores;
Sólo reina el amor fraternal.

Adelante la pica y la pala,
Al trabajo sin más dilación,
Y seremos así prez y gala
De este mundo feraz de Colón.

English Translation of the Lyrics

Here is the Panama national anthem English version. “Himno Istmeño” reflects the pride and unity of Panama. Below is the English translation of the lyrics.

We finally achieved victory
In the happy field of union;
With ardent flashes of glory
The new nation is illuminated.

It is necessary to cover with a veil
The past of the Calvary and the cross;
And let the blue of your sky
Be adorned with the splendid light of concord.

Progress caresses your homes.
To the rhythm of a sublime song
You see both seas roar at your feet
Which give direction to your noble mission.

On your soil covered with flowers,
To the kisses of the warm land breeze,
Warrior noises ceased;
Only fraternal love reigns.

Forward with pick and shovel,
To work without more delay,
And thus we will be the pride and glory
Of this fertile world of Columbus.

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