Mongolia National Anthem Lyrics

The Mongolia national anthem, “Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal,” celebrates the heritage and pride of the Mongolian nation. Below are the original lyrics in Mongolian and their English translation.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal
  • Written Date: 1950
  • Lyricist: Tsendiin Damdinsüren
  • Composer: Bilegiin Damdinsüren and Luvsanjambyn Mördorj
  • Official Adoption Date: 1950

Original Lyrics in Mongolian

Дархан манай тусгаар улс,
Заяа төгс их Монголын
Үүрд бат оршиж байх
Алтан соёмбот туг маань
Мөнхөд мандаж байх болтугай!

English Translation of the Lyrics

Our great independent state,
The inheritance of our ancestors,
May our revered Mongol nation,
Live forever in prosperity,
And in the eternal blue sky!

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