Maldives National Anthem Lyrics

The Maldives national anthem, “Gaumii salaam” (National Salute), celebrates the unity and heritage of the Maldivian nation. Below are the original lyrics in Dhivehi and their English translation.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Gaumii salaam (National Salute)
  • Written Date: 1948
  • Lyricist: Muhammad Jameel Didi
  • Composer: Wannakuwattawaduge Don Amaradeva
  • Official Adoption Date: 1972

Original Lyrics in Dhivehi

Gaumee miu salaam
Gaukuru miu hidaayah
Nohiyya miu rangalhu
Qaumee miu rayyithakah.

English Translation of the Lyrics

Here is the Maldives national anthem English version. “Gaumii salaam” reflects the pride and unity of Maldives. Below is the English translation of the lyrics.

National Salute to the nation,
May the Almighty bless the nation,
With strength and guidance,
And protect the Maldivian people.

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