Denmark National Anthem Lyrics

The Denmark national anthem, “Der er et yndigt land” (There Is a Lovely Country), celebrates the unity and heritage of the Danish nation. Below are the original lyrics in Danish and their English translation.

Additional Information

  • Anthem Name: Der er et yndigt land (There Is a Lovely Country)
  • Written Date: 1819
  • Lyricist: Adam Oehlenschläger
  • Composer: Hans Ernst Krøyer
  • Official Adoption Date: 1844

Original Lyrics in Danish

Der er et yndigt land,
det står med brede bøge
nær salten Østerstrand,
nær salten Østerstrand;
det bugter sig i bakke, dal,
det hedder gamle Danmark,
og det er Frejas sal,
og det er Frejas sal.

Der sad i fordums tid
de harniskklædte kæmper,
udhvilede fra strid,
udhvilede fra strid;
så drog de frem til fjenders mén,
nu hvile deres bene
bag højens bautasten,
bag højens bautasten.

English Translation of the Lyrics

Here is the Denmark national anthem English version. “Der er et yndigt land” reflects the pride and unity of Denmark. Below is the English translation of the lyrics.

There is a lovely country,
With spreading, shady beeches
Near the salty eastern shore;
Near the salty eastern shore.
Its hills and valleys gently fall,
Its old name is Denmark,
And it is Freya’s hall,
And it is Freya’s hall.

There in the ancient days
Sat armored giants resting,
Between their bloody frays;
Between their bloody frays.
Then they went forth the foe to face,
Now found in stone-set barrows,
Their final resting place,
Their final resting place.

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