Benin National Anthem Lyrics

The Benin national anthem, “L’Aube Nouvelle” (The Dawn of a New Day), celebrates the unity and pride of the Beninese nation. Below are the original lyrics in French and their English translation. Additional Information Original Lyrics in French Jadis à son appel, nos aïeux sans faiblesseOnt su avec courage, ardeur, pleins d’allégresseLivrer au prix du…

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Benin Flag and national anthem

“The Significance and Relevance of the Benin National Anthem”

Introduction The national anthem of Benin, officially known as “L’Aube Nouvelle,” holds great significance and represents the rich history and culture of the country. This article explores the lyrics, historical context, and contemporary relevance of the Benin national anthem, while also incorporating other relevant information. Lyrics The complete original lyrics of the Benin national anthem…

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