The Significance of the Brunei National Anthem: “Allah Peliharakan Sultan”

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The Brunei national anthem, known as “Allah Peliharakan Sultan” or “God Bless the Sultan,” holds a significant place in the country’s history and culture. The anthem serves as a symbol of national pride and unity, invoking a sense of loyalty and devotion to Brunei Darussalam. In this article, we will explore the lyrics, significance, historical context, and contemporary relevance of the Brunei national anthem.


The complete original lyrics of the Brunei national anthem are as follows:

Allah peliharakan Sultan
Berkat pahlawan bertuah
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

Baginda dijulang
Duli yang maha mulia
Pemimpin segala
Rakyat dipimpin
Menurut perintahnya

Bersatu hati
Berikrar semangat
Mengorban nyawa
Demang negeri
Hidup sentosa
Negara abadi


The Brunei national anthem carries immense significance for the people of Brunei. It serves as a powerful expression of loyalty, respect, and gratitude towards the Sultan, who is regarded as the protector and guardian of the nation. The anthem symbolizes the unity and harmony that exist within Brunei’s diverse society, fostering a shared sense of identity and belonging.

Historical Context

The Brunei national anthem was officially adopted on September 29, 1951, during the reign of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III. Its composition is credited to Pengiran Haji Mohamed Yusuf bin Abdul Rahim, with the lyrics penned by Yura Halim. This historic moment marked a significant milestone in Brunei’s journey towards independence and self-governance.

During the colonial era, Brunei was under the influence of various foreign powers. The adoption of the national anthem played a crucial role in asserting Brunei’s cultural and national identity, reinforcing the country’s sovereignty and independence.

Contemporary Relevance

The Brunei national anthem continues to hold immense contemporary relevance in the country. It is frequently performed at official events, national ceremonies, and sporting competitions, evoking a sense of patriotism and unity among the Bruneian people.

Furthermore, the anthem serves as a reminder of the values and principles that underpin Brunei’s society, including loyalty, respect, and obedience to the Sultan and the country’s laws. It reinforces the importance of unity and harmony in the face of modern challenges and changes.

Brunei’s national anthem is deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of its citizens, serving as a source of inspiration and pride. It reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Brunei, while also embodying the aspirations and hopes of its people for a prosperous and harmonious future.


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