The Significance and History of the Kiribati National Anthem

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The Kiribati National Anthem, also known as “Teirake kaini Kiribati,” holds great significance for the people of Kiribati. This article will explore the lyrics, historical context, contemporary relevance, and other relevant information about this beautiful anthem.


The complete original lyrics of the Kiribati National Anthem are as follows:

Teirake kaini Kiribati
Teirake kaini Kiribati
Anene ma te kakatonga
Tauraoi nakon te mwioko
Ma ni buokia aomata
Tauaninne n te raoiroi
Takin te batirerei
Mauri tei ao mai Kiribati

Translated into English:

Stand up, Kiribati
Stand up, Kiribati
Prepare to accept
Responsibility and to help each other
Be steadfastly righteous
Strive for a brighter future
Enjoy independence


The Kiribati National Anthem is a symbol of pride, unity, and independence for the people of Kiribati. It represents their history, culture, and aspirations as a nation. The anthem’s lyrics inspire the people to stand up, take responsibility, and work together for a brighter future.

Historical Context

The Kiribati National Anthem was adopted in 1979 when Kiribati gained independence from the United Kingdom. The lyrics were written by Ioteba Stowe, a poet and politician, and the music was composed by Tamuera Ioteba. The anthem reflects the values and aspirations of the Kiribati people during a significant period of their history.

Contemporary Relevance

Today, the Kiribati National Anthem continues to hold immense significance for the people of Kiribati. It is sung with pride during national events, ceremonies, and sporting competitions. The anthem serves as a reminder of the nation’s identity, unity, and the progress they have made since gaining independence.

Furthermore, the anthem’s lyrics emphasize the importance of responsibility, righteousness, and cooperation. These values remain relevant in contemporary Kiribati society as the nation faces various challenges, including climate change and environmental sustainability.

Kiribati, being an island nation, is particularly vulnerable to the effects of rising sea levels. The anthem’s call for unity and working together reflects the ongoing efforts of the Kiribati people to address these challenges and build a sustainable future for their nation.

Other Relevant Information

In addition to its significance and historical context, the Kiribati National Anthem has been performed and celebrated in various international events. The anthem is a source of pride for the Kiribati diaspora, who often sing it during cultural festivals and gatherings around the world.

It is important to note that the Kiribati National Anthem is sung in the Gilbertese language, which is the primary language spoken in Kiribati. The use of the Gilbertese language in the anthem highlights the cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of the nation.

Overall, the Kiribati National Anthem is a powerful expression of Kiribati’s national identity, history, and aspirations. It continues to inspire the people of Kiribati to stand up, work together, and strive for a brighter future.


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