Austria National Anthem: Unity and Pride in ‘Land der Berge

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The Austrian National Anthem, also known as “Land der Berge, Land am Strome” (Land of Mountains, Land on the River), is a powerful and patriotic composition that holds great significance for the people of Austria. Written by Paula von Preradović and composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this anthem has a rich history and continues to resonate with the Austrian people today.


The complete original lyrics of the Austrian National Anthem are as follows:

Land der Berge, Land am Strome,
Land der Äcker, Land der Dome,
Land der Hämmer, zukunftsreich!
Heimat großer Töchter und Söhne,
Volk, begnadet für das Schöne,
Vielgerühmtes Österreich,
Vielgerühmtes Österreich!

Heiß umfehdet, wild umstritten,
Liegst dem Erdteil du inmitten
Einem starken Herzen gleich.
Hast seit frühen Ahnentagen
Hoher Sendung Last getragen,
Vielgeprüftes Österreich,
Vielgeprüftes Österreich.

Mutig in die neuen Zeiten,
Frei und gläubig sieh uns schreiten,
Arbeitsfroh und hoffnungsreich.
Einig lass in Jubelchören,
Vaterland, dir Treue schwören.
Vielgeliebtes Österreich,
Vielgeliebtes Österreich.


The Austrian National Anthem holds immense significance as it symbolizes the pride and unity of the Austrian people. The lyrics beautifully depict Austria’s natural beauty, its rich history, and the resilience of its people. It serves as a reminder of Austria’s cultural heritage and the values that the nation holds dear.

Historical Context

The Austrian National Anthem was adopted in 1947, after World War II, as a symbol of Austria’s independence and national identity. The lyrics were written by Paula von Preradović, a renowned Austrian poet, and the music was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest composers in history. This anthem reflects Austria’s journey through challenging times and its determination to emerge stronger.

Contemporary Relevance

Even in the present day, the Austrian National Anthem continues to be an important part of Austrian culture and society. It is performed at official events, sporting competitions, and other significant occasions. The anthem serves as a unifying force, reminding Austrians of their shared values and heritage.

Furthermore, the Austrian National Anthem has gained recognition worldwide for its beauty and emotional depth. It represents Austria’s contribution to the arts and its rich musical tradition. The anthem has been performed by renowned artists and orchestras, showcasing the talent and creativity of the Austrian people.

Other Relevant Information

In addition to its role as the national anthem, the composition has inspired various artistic interpretations. Musicians and singers have performed covers and adaptations of the anthem, adding their own unique styles and interpretations.

Moreover, the Austrian National Anthem has been used in films, documentaries, and other forms of media to evoke a sense of patriotism and national pride. Its powerful melody and meaningful lyrics have made it a timeless piece of music that resonates with people around the world.

It is important to note that the Austrian National Anthem is not only a symbol of national identity but also a representation of Austria’s commitment to peace, democracy, and freedom. It serves as a reminder of the values that the country upholds and the aspirations of its people.

In conclusion, the Austrian National Anthem is a cherished composition that reflects the beauty, history, and resilience of Austria and its people. With its powerful lyrics and captivating melody, it continues to inspire and unite Austrians, serving as a symbol of national pride and identity.


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